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We are happy to have your course proposal!  Please download the Course Proposal Form, and send in all information requested to be considered to teach.

We are always looking for new and interesting classes in all areas!   

We take class proposals year round, and consider the class for the next available Semester.  Fall, Spring and Summer. Spring Classes begin in late January, with proposals considered up until October.  Summer classes begin June 1, with proposals considered up until April.  And Fall classes begin in Early September, with courses considered up until July.

DOWNLOAD Course Proposal Form 

The fine print:  Please read
Hiring Guidelines from the CLPCCD district offices:  Community Education is required to hire you as a payroll employee if you are not considered a contractor based on AB5 regulations in the State of California.
Most instructors will be hired on payroll. This involves fingerprinting, TB testing, and a meeting to complete some hiring packet forms. Please consider this stipulation before sending us your course proposals.
We appreciate course ideas, but our proposal form must be completed before your class is considered for inclusion in the Community Education program.

**NOTE: We are continuously accepting proposals, please submit and we will consider your proposal for the next available catalog!

 If you would prefer to receive our Course Proposal Outline via mail, please email us at We appreciate your interest in working with us.