Reviews of  The Other Kids, A Chris Brown Film screening on October 13 at Las Positas College:

"Refreshingly well observed...genuine and relevant."

"THE OTHER KIDS has the look and feel of a very intimate documentary…There
is a rawness to the dialogue and a much greater sense of authenticity than one finds in most films about teenagers."

"Honest and compelling." 

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Community Education at Las Positas College is an inclusive, learning-centered program providing educational and personal enrichment opportunities to all Community  members. The program supports the life-long learning goals of all students (both for-credit and not-for-credit)   to  enhance  their  basic skills, career and technical training, retraining and personal enrichment objectives, and to help all  community members  meet their personal and professional goals. 

Pressure-free classes! Classes do not offer college credit. Classes do not require admission to the college. Minimum enrollment is required for classes to start. Community Education is a self-supporting entity of LPC.

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Community Education classes are offered in addition to the LPC's instructional program. Community Education classes do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of Las Positas College. Las Positas College does not endorse any person or product.