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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for classes? 

By phone: You can call 925-424-1467 to register with a credit card.*. If you do not already have an account with us, please create one before calling. DO NOT leave your credit card information on our voicemail. If we are not in the office, we will call you back.

Via our website:  You can register online and pay by credit card* on our registration pageIf you have any questions, please email us at or call 925-424-1647.

Do I need to be an LPC student to take Community Education courses?

No, Community Education is open to all community members, and you do not need to complete the Las Positas College enrollment process to take Community Education courses. You just need to create an account.

Are Community Education classes for credit?

No, Community Education Courses are not for college credit. Community Education is a fee-based educational program.  Enrollment fees pay for instruction, administration, and marketing of the program. 

Can my kids take Community Education courses? 

Yes, students under 18 are permitted only with prior consent of the instructor* and staff. For in-person courses that allow students under 18, parents will be asked to complete a Youth Waiver, Emergency Contact & Medical Release Form, and Transportation Authorization Form.

What if I can no longer attend the class I enrolled in?  

We will gladly process your request for a refund if it is received in our office by 4 pm, five business days prior to the starting date of the class. For instance, if a class starts on a Monday, the refund request must be received in the Community Education office by 4:00 pm Wednesday of the prior week.


We cannot accept requests for drops/refunds, regardless of the reason, if they are received fewer than five business days prior to the class start date. Community Education is a self-supporting program and is funded by course registration fees. No refunds will be granted after the five-day deadline.


If a refund is granted, students may save a $10 service fee per class by electing to receive a refund in the form of an electronic voucher. Once a voucher is issued, it will not be converted to a refund for any reason. The voucher is good for any upcoming Community Education classes and does not expire.

Please note:

• There are no refunds for missing one or more classes or going to the wrong location.
• Class enrollment is not transferable.
• Refunds will not be pro-rated.
• Credit card refunds will only be issued to the same credit card used during the initial transaction.

To request a refund, you must do so using this form. If you are requesting a drop/refund for more than one class, please use a separate form for each class. Requests are recorded based on the date and time this form is received by the Community Education Department. You will be notified via email of the approval or denial of your request. Refund processing may take four to six weeks.

My class was canceled. Do I need to submit a refund request?

No, refunds will be processed automatically. You do not need to submit a refund request.
Classes canceled by Community Education, Las Positas College will be refunded in full. In the event of a cancellation, you will be notified via e-mail.

Why was my class canceled?

Your class was most likely canceled for one of the following reasons:

Low enrollment:
Minimum enrollment is required for a class to start. Register early to ensure your place in a class and to avoid class cancellation.

Instructor Request or Emergency:
The instructor may have needed to cancel the class, or the instructor has an unexpected personal or family emergency.

My class says “LIVE REMOTE.” What does that mean?

LIVE REMOTE means that the instructor holds live online meetings, most likely viz Zoom. The date(s) and time(s) listed are when you will join your meetings. Instructors will send out information on how to join the meeting prior to class. If you are signed up for a LIVE REMOTE class but did not receive the log in information, please call our office 925-424-1467

I have not been to the Las Positas College Campus. How do I get there?

Our address is 3000 Campus Hill Drive, Livermore, CA 94551. Whether you are traveling west bound or east bound 580, you can exit the freeway on Isabel Ave. or Airway Boulevard.

I have an in-person class on the LPC campus. Do I need to pay for parking?

          Should your students ask about parking, please provide them with this information. While this information is sent as part              of their reminder email, you may want to include it in your own email. 

          Parking Permit Fees: Please note that parking at LPC is by permit only. Students can purchase a daily or semester                      parking pass here:

          Parking passes purchased online are valid for the day of purchase. You can also purchase a daily parking pass at any of            the kiosks on campus in the parking lots. 

          Important: Please Read:

  •         Parking regulations are enforced beginning on the first day of instruction for the term.       

  •         Parking is enforced Monday through Saturday, all day. Sunday is free.

  •         Parking is enforced for both the parking lots and street parking.

  •         Head-in parking only. 

  •         Community Education at Las Positas College is not responsible for and will not pay for                        

                  parking tickets. 

  •        Parking fees are subject to change. 

          Please se visit their website for more information   

*Before entering your credit card information, please make sure you are using a secure browser session (via SSL). For MS-Internet Explorer, you would see a lock in the bottom-right portion of your browser session. Always be sure to sign out of the website properly before closing down your browser, or moving to another website, to further protect your privacy.
Credit card payment is divided into two steps:

(1) the collection of the credit card information, and
(2) the payment authorization.

The credit card information collection is performed over the Internet via a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology is the industry standard for commercial online data encryption of personal and credit card information (as used by,, This requires that your Internet browser be configured to use SSL; otherwise, the credit card transaction will not be secure.
The credit card payment authorization process uses a direct modem connection. Consequently, the process is secure with no retransmission of your personal or credit card information over the Internet.
*Instructors have complete discretion in their classrooms to request that students be removed or refunded.  Community Education reserves the right to change class locations, and instructors when necessary. Please no tape-recording during classes without prior permission from the instructor.

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How do you whitelist an IP address?
Whitelisting is a proactive method of allowing specific IP addresses to avoid blockage by your firewall security rules and access your website.
List the crawl IP addresses under the IP Access Rules.
1. Enter the IP address.
2. Choose Whitelist as the action.
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